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This website provides you with a connection, through links, to all of the services available through your constituency office as well as government and community resources for residents and businesses. It’s also a communication channel for you to let me know what’s important to you and what you think about what’s happening in Nova Scotia.

In addition to representing you as your Member of the Legislative Assembly, I serve as Vice Chair of the Community Services committee, and serve on both the Public Accounts and the Law Amendments Committees. My work on these important committees allows me to be even more connected on the important discussions and issues relating to Community Service, Public Accounts (the province’s finances), as well as discussions with individuals and organizations on Public Bills (new laws) after they have received second reading in the House.

You can learn more about these committees click the following links: Community Services, Public Accounts or Law Amendments

"Hands On" Approach

(From CBC News Reporter Rachael Ward, July 13, 2016)

Politicians hoist rotting couch out of Williams Lake

"A couple of local politicians have gutted, chopped up and put to the curb, a leather couch abandoned in Halifax's Williams Lake. 

Brendan Maguire, MLA for Halifax-Atlantic, heard about the couch dumped in a swampy part of the pristine lake, popular for fishing trout and swimming, from a CBC News article." Click Here for full article.

Also, Brendan joined Norma Lee MacLeod on CBC's Maritime Noon on July 14 to talk about what prompted this action and how things went at the lake (not for the faint-of-heart) Click Here for the entire podcast.


Support for Refugees in Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Office of Immigration has posted a section on their website with information on how Nova Scotians can help support refugees. Click below for details. ISANS (Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia) will will be holding information sessions in Halifax on how to sponsor refugees. They are hoping to go across province. Click below for details.


Meet Brendan

Brendan Maguire was elected as the MLA to represent Halifax Atlantic in the October 2013 election. Brendan serves on the Law Amendments and Public Accounts committees and is Vice Chair of the Community Services committee.


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Hansard is the record of what was said in the Legislature.

The Hansard Office is responsible for the compilation of a complete and accurate verbatim record of the Debates of the House of Assembly, and of the proceedings of Committees of the House as may be required both when the House is in session and between sessions.

To review all Brendan's House of Assembly contributions.. Click Here 


Need some information about available services or programs ? We're busy adding this information to the website but here's a start..

NEW..Spryfield Food Inventory - Accessing Food in Our Community

Click here for information (PDF)

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