Brendan Maguire was first elected to the Nova Scotia House of Assembly as MLA for Halifax Atlantic in 2013 and was re-elected in 2017.


Halifax Atlantic is a community of communities. It is a very large and diverse electoral district that includes both urban and rural communities.


Brendan MaguireBrendan Maguire @bmaguirens@nsliberal_ldr @RandyDelorey I suspect that is what they all think1 hour ago 0 4
Brendan MaguireBrendan Maguire @bmaguirensRT @IainTRankin: Derek Mombourquette is a tireless advocate for his constituents in Sydney-Whitney Pier and all Cape Bretoners. I’m proud…21 hours ago 1 0
Brendan MaguireBrendan Maguire @bmaguirens@JodiB902 @dma_ns @HousingNS @NSLiberals Most apartments have some kind of identification. It is to make sure that the parking spaces are being used by the tenants. Makes sense23 hours ago 0 1
Brendan MaguireBrendan Maguire @bmaguirens@lisa_bonang @JimVibert @StephenMcNeil Our community waited through 2 conservative & 1 ndp government for someone to listen to them. Not a single environment minister would even step foot in the community to listen until @IainTRankin Say what you want but that shows character Also i respect your views immensely2 days ago 0 0
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Brendan MaguireBrendan Maguire @bmaguirens@juliakenney I think both sides were having fun. Also I eat my donair, no tomatoes, no onions and sauce on the side2 days ago 0 1
Brendan MaguireBrendan Maguire @bmaguirens@lisa_bonang @JimVibert @StephenMcNeil MV Miner, Harrietsfield cleanup, costal protection act, cap and trade, banning of plastics, protection of land including the shaw wilderness. Those things don't count....2 days ago 0 2