Connect the Community

There are a lot of people in Halifax Atlantic that make a difference. Sometimes that difference impacts an entire community other times they make a difference in the life of a single individual.

Whether they’re a mom or dad, a brother or sister, a friend, co-worker, or a neighbour they make a difference. The help they share with others has a positive impact on each of us and our communities. I want to recognize the amazing things people are doing here in Halifax Atlantic and to let Nova Scotians know how great our communities and people truly are.

I’m starting the Connect the Community program to recognize the work of the unsung heroes who make a difference every day in our communities. It’s up to you to nominate those who are working to improve our communities and the lives of residents.

I will recognize nominees in the Legislature and present them with an award. I will also host an event each year to bring together our neighbours, friends, and families to celebrate their work and dedication to making life better for us all.

Nominating someone is easy, just fill in the form on this post or go to the Connect the Community page for more information and a list of nominees. Let’s work together to celebrate those who are making a difference everyday in our communities.

Connect the Community Nomination Form

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    This is information about YOU the person nominating someone for recognition. Tell us your name and how we can get in touch with you.
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